Talk to your data in a language you speak

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Grow your business with Laxmi AI

Conversational Analytics

A chatbot that plugs into your CRM and answers questions about your business and sales cycles in natural language. Laxmi AI helps you understand data on sales cycles, customer relations, and growth, using a knowledge graph to advise you on metrics to track based on your business category.


An AI agent for Small Businesses

Data is at the center of every business today. Companies use data to answer questions about their business and grow their customer base.


As a small business owner with limited resources, you are probably wondering how to leverage AI for your business.  Laxmi AI will help you get started. You don't need tons of training data, hours of code and big budgets. Frankly, you don't even need to know what AI means. 


All you need to do is ask questions about your business in a language that you know. You focus on your business. Laxmi AI focus on getting you the right answers.


Your data, your cloud, your AI

We have taken a privacy-first approach while designing Laxmi AI. You can choose from one of three options:


  1. Hosted by us,  on our cloud server and completely dedicated to you.

  2. Hosted on your cloud server, with only one-time setup access from us.

  3. Hosted on your local server, behind your firewall.


Join our private beta and get the first year free


Laxmi is in closed beta. We are currently reaching out to new users each week and bringing them on board. To get an invite, use the form below.


Once you receive an invite from us, you can connect your Salesforce or Hubspot account to a dedicated, secure instance of Laxmi AI.


Start asking questions about your business and data in Natural Language.  You can access Laxmi anytime for questions. 

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